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This image is all about tension. Inspired by the movie Rosemary’s Baby, my photography partner, Katie, and I wanted to focus the tension around demon vs. God. In the movie, the main character, Rosemary, is a very innocent young woman who has moved with her husband into a new apartment and looking to start a family. After Rosemary gets pregnant strange things start happening in her life. She discovers that her baby is actually a demon and that everyone in her life – including her husband – had planned for her to give birth to pure evil. Roses are used prominently in the movie. In our image, an innocent girl stands in a hallway aware that something is happening, but she doesn’t know there are a lot more crazy things going on around her already. For example, the lights on the wall are diminishing. The roses are dying and falling onto the floor. The God (painting: The Creation of Adam, 1512) she believes in is consumed by shadows. There is only one light protecting her, but the shadow on the ground seems to grab her.